About Us

Located in Parramatta with a truly patient first focus, specialising in advanced cataract treatment, laser vision correction and advanced glaucoma management, we offer a diverse range of exceptional and tailored eyecare solutions to the unique needs of each patient.

Our journey dates back to 1978 when Dr. George Thompson, an early pioneer in lens implant and refractive laser surgery, founded the practice. The continuity of excellence was maintained when in 2004, we welcomed Dr. Peter Sumich and Dr. Ridia Lim to the practice, further enriching our pool of knowledge and experience.

Hunter Street has maintained a core philosophy of being of moderate size, fostering close-knit relationships among our doctors and staff. This collaborative environment within the clinic has been instrumental in elevating the quality of our services and communication, both among our team members and with our patients. We have always believed that a practice that grows excessively loses its personal touch.

With over four decades of expertise in advanced cataract treatment laser vision correction, we remain committed to offering diverse, personalised eyecare solutions tailored to the unique needs of each patient.