Our Technology Choices

At Hunter Street Eye Specialists, we combine personal expertise and experience with state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical technology and equipment, allowing us to produce the very best visual results for our patients.

For laser vision correction we use the latest LASIK technology to provide custom tailored LASIK wavefront treatments.

With the safety of eye tracking and iris registration software to maximise results, the SCHWIND AMARIS 105RS is one of the world’s highest-performance eye laser systems for both refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. It brings together advanced technology and speed, precision, and safety for laser vision correction. We then use Intralase to tailor the LASIK treatment to your requirements. This means safety profile of LASIK procedure has never been greater.

Benefiting from years of experience, we understand that success in laser vision correction, resulting in satisfied patient outcomes, comes from good planning and communication between the surgeon and the patient.

We encourage and help you to consider all the options and take time over your decision. Many of our patients come back for a second or third visit during the decision making process. If the surgery doesn’t feel right for you, then it is not right for us.