Laser Vision Procedure – What to Expect

Your pre-operative visit

This visit is cost free and is about both gathering information from you and educating you with your best option.

  • Taking a computerised topographical map of your corneal surface in order to look for corneal weaknesses, plan the treatment required and to decide the best choice of procedure.
  • Checking your spectacle prescription to see if your current glasses are ideal.
  • Educating you about the procedure and the possible risks.
  • Examining your lifestyle to match your desired outcome to your current and future needs. This helps us understand your visual goals and match them with what is possible.

At this visit we usually dilate your eyes with eye drops to check your retina and to recheck your spectacle prescription – this ensures that you have not been “forcing your vision” to accept the spectacle prescription which may result in a false prediction of your desired laser treatment. Most patients can drive home but some prefer to bring a driver with them.

At this visit we will also be able to do a wavescan which is like a special fingerprint of your eye. The excimer laser computer uses this to fine tune the laser correction to the smallest degree, allowing us to deliver a customised laser treatment suited to you.

Most patients prefer to take some time to think about their decision to proceed. We encourage this because we want you to feel completely comfortable with your decision.

Procedure Day

The procedure itself is quick, on average taking less than one minute per eye.

On the day of surgery please attend the centre at the time provided by our surgical booking team. You can expect to spend 2-3 hours at the centre in total. You are not required to fast beforehand.

Please wear no makeup, comfortable clothing, and flat shoes.

Because we give you a mild sedative you will need to bring a driver or arrange transport home after the procedure.

Our theatre staff are there to guide you through the day. The procedure itself is quick, on average taking less than one minute per eye and most patients experience mild discomfort and no pain.

After the procedure you will spend about 30 minutes in the recovery lounge before you go home where we advise you to rest and sleep if possible.

We like you to wear an eye shield overnight to prevent you rubbing your eyes.

Procedural Information:

Procedure day

  • Wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes
  • Do not wear eye makeup
  • Arrive at the centre at the time provided by our surgical booking team
  • Arrange for transport home after the procedure
  • You will be offered a mild sedative
  • Anaesthetic eye drops are administered in both eyes
  • A small retaining device is place on the eye to help you keep it open
  • You will be asked to focus on a red light
  • The laser treatment will be complete one eye at a time
  • Post operative drops will be instilled
  • Once ready you can go home to rest
  • Wear an eye shield overnight or when sleeping to prevent rubbing your eyes

Post-operative care

  • Immediately after your procedure your doctor will take you into another room to assess your eye with a microscope.
  • Your initial post operative vision will be checked
  • Clear plastic shields will be placed over each eye
  • Your will be discharged with drops and instructions on how and when to administer your medications

Day after your procedure

Your doctor will see you the day after your procedure at the Hunter Street Eye Specialists rooms. At this appointment:

  • Orthoptist will remove your eye shields
  • Orthoptist will check your vision
  • Orthoptist will go through your post operative instructions
  • Your doctor will assess your eyes and answer any questions you may have

1 week and beyond

Your vision will continue to improve over time. You can expect:

  • Use your medications as instructed
  • Do not swim for at least 2 weeks
  • You can resume most on-contact sporting activities after a few days
  • Attend you 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year follow up appointments
  • Your vision will fluctuate but should always be at a level good enough to drive
  • Your eyes should be comfortable but may experience some dryness or grittiness for about 2-6 weeks

Contact us at any time if you have questions and concerns

Are you suitable?

Take our laser suitability test and find out what your options are.

Take the Laser Vision Suitability Test


Cost of procedure

The initial assessment visit for internet booking is free and no referral is required. Depending on your best option laser vision correction costs between $3,000 to $4,500 per eye including the cost of Intralase.

We recognise that this is a significant in your lifestyle but it is permanent and compared to the ongoing cost of contact lenses or lost spectacles it becomes affordable.

Comparatively Hunter Street Eye Specialists are competitive with the top 10 providers within Sydney. With our expertise, technology and experience we are very competitively priced. There are no costs until your suitability is determined.

Take the Laser Vision Suitability Test

What is Included in the obligation free consultation?

  • Initial doctor consultation and complementary eye scans
  • Eye examination and risk assessment

What is included in the cost of procedure?

  • Comprehensive pre-operative eye examination – including all scans
    • Pachymetry
    • Topography/Corneal Mapping
    • Wavefront Analysis
  • Education and counselling
  • Surgery costs
  • All follow-up visits
  • Enhancements / touch ups are free within the first 12 months.
  • We do not charge any extra according to your severity of spectacle error
  • We do not charge extra for astigmatic correction

Is finance available?

If you would prefer to pay the surgery in instalments, we have a list of financial service providers you can choose form, who cater for medical procedure finance.

Please contact our friendly reception staff for further information.

Am I suitable for laser?

Take our laser suitability test and we can help you understand what your best options are.

Take the Laser Vision Suitability Test