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Why choose us?

Experienced doctor with respected reputation

Dr Sumich has a reputation in the Parramatta region for excellent outcomes. He is regularly chosen to operate on Optometrists & General Practitioners and their relatives – people who are “in the know.” He has been trusted with over 10,000 eye procedures this year and has more than 20 years’ experience. His full record is detailed on our website.

Comprehensive pre-operative counselling

We aim to realistically explain the safety record of this treatment to you when you meet our education counsellors and Dr Sumich.

Laser vision correction has been performed over 30 million times around the world. It has an excellent safety record but all procedures carry some risk and you should ask about these when you meet our team.

Knowledge and expertise

Dr. Peter Sumich has been working in this field since the late 90’s and has seen the transition and development from the older technologies to the newer ones. With each new wave of developments comes the necessity to analyse the benefits and risks and assess the outcomes. In this way patients who have surgery with us can be assured they are seeing an experienced and excellent surgeon with a long record of success.

Latest technology.

The SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS is the latest tech in laser vision correction and is among the leading excimer laser technologies with unparalleled speed, precision, and safety for laser eye surgery. Dr Peter Sumich uses the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS in conjunction with the Intralase tailoring the procedure to each patient, allowing for blade free treatment with increased safety and precision

Competitive pricing

Our Price of $3,200 per eye is average for this industry

We do not cut corners and upgrade our laser technology to keep pace with the best standards of care.

Free initial consultation

At Hunter Street the initial consult is complimentary and there is no obligation or pressure to have the procedure. You might as well find out if you are suitable before investigating any further! Our experience tells us that once patients meet our doctors and friendly staff they rarely choose to go elsewhere.

Finance plan available

We can provide you a list of a small group of financial service providers that offer loans for medical procedures.

Please note that we have NO affiliations or financial interests with any financiers, we strongly advise to do your own due diligence and research and seek professional financial advice before agreeing to use any financial providers

Full range of lens implant options

Not everyone will be suitable for laser vision correction. However, there are other options to consider to help you achieve your visual goals.

Dr Sumich is a fully qualified and registered ophthalmologist and eye surgeon – so if other procedures are needed then we have the expertise to advise accordingly.

Friendly professional service

It goes without saying that a friendly atmosphere makes your experience more relaxed. We love our work and are looking forward to meeting you when you decide to have your suitability assessed.

Patient references

Our patients rarely fail to recommend us to others. We believe the best form of advertisement is through word of mouth and our aim is for complete patient satisfaction.

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