Cindy Li

Senior Orthoptist

Cindy, one of our most respected Senior Orthoptist, embarked on her journey graduating from the University of Sydney in 2011, achieving both a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Master of Orthoptics. Her studies have positioned her as a valuable source of up-to-date information, benefiting both colleagues and patients alike. Embracing the role of Clinical teacher, she enjoys teaching and imparting knowledge to those coming through the Orthoptic degree at UTS. Aims to deliver optimal outcomes for patients seeking cataract and refractive solutions. Her pivotal role involves comprehensive patient assessments and counselling, paving the way for their consultations with specialist surgeons.

Driven by a lifelong fascination with eye health, Cindy is a guiding force in ensuring our patients receive the care, information, and support they rightfully deserve. Her commitment to Hunter Street Eye Specialists has not only deepened her passion for ocular well-being but has also facilitated her growth as a consummate professional within the industry.