Libby Merhi

Medical Typist/Receptionist

Meet Libby, a cornerstone of our administrative team with a longstanding commitment that spans more than 15 years. Her tenure speaks volumes about her dedication and loyalty, making her an integral part of our hunter family. Libby’s unwavering dedication extends far beyond her role as a medical receptionist; she consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that every patient experience is nothing short of excellent.

Libby’s warm and welcoming demeanour creates an inviting atmosphere for our patients, putting them at ease during their visits. Her thoughtfulness shines through in her interactions, as she takes the time to truly listen and address each patient’s needs. Whether it’s a friendly greeting or a reassuring word, Libby’s caring nature leaves a lasting positive impression.

A true pillar of reliability, Libby is the anchor that keeps our administrative operations running smoothly. Her meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills ensure that appointments are well-coordinated and patient records are accurately maintained. Patients and colleagues alike can always count on Libby to be a dependable and trustworthy member of our team.

In Libby, you’ll find not just a medical receptionist, but a dedicated individual who embodies the values of exceptional patient care, friendliness, thoughtfulness, and reliability. Her contributions make a meaningful impact on the overall experience of our patients, reflecting the heart of our commitment to providing top-notch healthcare services.