Loreto Obias

Clinical Orthoptist

Meet Loreto, a dedicated Clinical Orthoptist at Hunter Street Eye Specialists, equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Science and a Master’s degree in Orthoptics. Her role encompasses vital diagnostic testing, patient counselling, and coordination of surgical schedules to facilitate seamless collaboration with doctors. Loreto showcases her keen attention to detail and commitment to ensuring the highest standard of care.

Loreto’s impactful journey includes integral contributions to Glaucoma Australia and extensive experience in multidisciplinary clinics, refining her skills in retinal care, general ophthalmology, and specialized glaucoma management. Her ability to excel in diverse environments underscores her adaptability and dedication to continuous learning.

Beyond clinical duties, Loreto’s genuine passion shines in her role as a counsellor and educator, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their eye health. With her authentic empathy and clear communication, she fosters a nurturing environment where patients feel comfortable and confident throughout their medical journeys. Loreto embodies the values of expertise, empathy, and patient-centred care.