Pavni Anand

Senior Orthoptist

Pavni joined the Hunter Street Eye Specialists family in 2018, becoming a valued member of our dedicated team. With over a decade of clinical experience, having earned her Degree in Orthoptics in 2009, Pavni brought a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise to our clinic.
In her role, Pavni is responsible for conducting clinical pre-assessments and tests with the utmost precision and care. Her extensive experience ensures that each assessment is carried out with a high degree of accuracy, providing our patients with a comprehensive understanding of their eye health. Pavni’s commitment to delivering the best in clinical patient care is evident in her approach – she combines her professional expertise with genuine empathy, ensuring that our patients not only receive top-quality care but also feel well-supported and understood.
Pavni’s presence on our team has greatly enriched our ability to provide exceptional eye care services. Her experience, coupled with her compassionate patient-centered approach, makes her an invaluable part of our practice, and we are proud to have her as part of the Hunter Street Eye Specialists family.